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Chemical free enzyme solutions

At zyme-tech, we've been studying and developing enzyme solutions since 2017.  With a global emphasis on sustainabiliuty and carbon reduction targets, enzyme technologies provide economical and ecological solutions.

  • Lower your carbon footprint with engineered natural enzymes

  • Bioremidation of wastewater

  • Pond, Dam and Lake water treatments 

  • Water conditioners and de-chlorinators

  • Enzyme animal feed supplements in development

  • Commercial cleaning products in development

Why buy from zyme-tech?


  • High retailer margins

  • Chemical free - lower your carbon footprint

  • Products that almost sell themselves. 

  • Repeat business

  • Locally manufactured products

Contact us 0410 488 869.  Business Hours only please



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Advanced Micro-organic Solutions

Partnered with internaltional PHD level science our products are manufactured under the most stringent GMP certified conditions to international standards.

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Locally warehoused

COVID-19 has shown us the importance of self reliance

We produce and warehouse our products in Western Australia.  We are direct selling manufacturers so our supply chain is strong and always growing.

We believe Australian made is

best for Australian B2B and, our local production means better margin for retailers

How can we help you?    call us on 0410 488 869

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Wholesale Pricelist Request 

We do not sell retail, we support retailers Australia wide.  You must have an Australian Business Number to purchase from Zyme-Tech

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We treat your privacy seriously.  We do not spam or release your information to anyone.  All enquiries are treated in confidence.

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