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NITROBAC is a blend of eco microorganisms and specialty oxidoreductase enzymes that instantly start to oxidise and degrade ammonia.  Contaning nitrosomonas euphora and nitrosococcus, NITROBAC prevents alkaline build up and increases the reproduction yeild of ammonia oxidising bacteria.


With a CFU count of 1 billion per gram NITROBAC is an eco friendly and intelligent choice for pond and aquarium management.  This satchel is sufficient to treat surface area of 58.3 square meters of pond or aquarium water at a depth of 600mm to 1000mm. 


  • Cannot be overdosed
  • Boosted with oxidoreducatse enzymes unlike competitors
  • Safe for all plants & animals
  • All natural and chemical free
  • Low freight costs for retailers
  • Manufactured in GMP certified conditions


Directions : Simply spread Nitrobac over the entire surface of the pond, lake or dam.  To properly seed a new water body, Nitrobac should be applied every day for 7 days.  the 400g tub is sufficient to treat 340,000 litres 7 times.


Dose rate : 60g per 340,000 litres - cannot be overdosed.  Safe for all plants and animals.   Best option for large bodies of water is to pre mix the bacteria powder into wet sand, mix well and distrbute over the waters surface.  Can also be directly applied to a high flow area of the pond.


NitroBac Nitrifying Bacteria Culture 400g

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