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Pond Zyme is a blend of seven separate oxidoreductase enzymes that work in symbiosis with nitrifying bacteria to oxidise ammonia and nitrates.


Designed specifically for aquaculture this powerful natural agent will treat up to 280,500 Litres of pond/lake/dam water when used as one 500mL dose.  The recommended dose for smaller bodies of water is 10mL per 1,000 Litres weekly for 1 month, then once monthly thereafter.


The enzymes attach themselves to nitrifying bacteria and act as a catalyst increasing the bacteria's ability to consume ammonia and nirates coverting them to energy to power bacterial reproduction.   The result of this is increased waste consumption in all types of wastewater and a massive nitrifying bacteria population boom.


  • Cannot be overdosed
  • Effective to all strains of nitrifying bacteria
  • Safe for all plants & animals
  • All natural and chemical free
  • Low freight costs for retailers
  • Manufactured in GMP certified conditions



Pond Zyme 500mL Oxidoreductase Enzyme

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